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How to Convert Text to Singing in Your Voice in Any Language with AI SVC

In the ever-evolving world of music creation, artists, songwriters, producers, and music makers are constantly seeking innovative ways to bring their visions to life. Custom Text to Music generators are making waves in the music industry, offering the tantalizing prospect of transforming text into singing performances. In this blog post, we'll explore how you can harness the power of AI singing technology, particularly through ethical platforms like Controlla Voice. We'll walk you through the process of training an AI singing voice that sounds like you and converting any singing performance into your own voice in any language.

What is Text To Sing?

Text to Sing, often referred to as text-to-singing or TTS (Text-to-Speech) synthesis for singing, is a remarkable technological advancement in the realm of music creation and vocal performance. This innovative approach allows you to transform written text or lyrics into expressive singing performances, giving life to your words in a musical form.

Text to Sing technology leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and speech synthesis algorithms to generate singing voices that can interpret and perform the provided text. It enables artists, songwriters, producers, and music makers to create vocals for their compositions without the need for traditional recording sessions.

Whether you're looking to bring poetry to life, experiment with different languages, or add a unique touch to your musical projects, Text to Sing offers a versatile and creative tool to expand your artistic horizons. In this article, we'll show you new ways to use Text to Sing technology and take your music to new heights with ethical AI platforms like Controlla Voice.

What is Singing Voice Conversion (SVC)?

Singing Voice Conversion, often abbreviated as SVC, represents a remarkable fusion of technology and artistry in the world of music. It's a process that allows you to take singing vocals created by various means and transform them to sound as if they were performed by a specific individual—in other words, to convert singing voices.

SVC technology utilizes sophisticated algorithms and AI-driven techniques to analyze the unique vocal characteristics of a specific singer, including their pitch, tone, vibrato, and stylistic nuances. Once these characteristics are identified, the technology can then apply these traits to existing singing vocals, essentially making them sound like they were performed by the targeted singer.

This capability opens up a world of creative possibilities for artists and music producers. You can use SVC to:

  1. Achieve Vocal Consistency: Maintain a consistent vocal style across different songs or parts of a song, ensuring your music remains cohesive.

  2. Collaborate Virtually: Work with vocalists from different locations or even different time periods, bringing their voices into your projects with ease.

  3. Personalize Music Production: Customize existing vocal performances to match your unique artistic vision, adding a personal touch to your compositions.

  4. Sing in new languages and styles: Hire foreign singers to translate your lyrics and resing them, then convert it back into your voice! Make sure you give them writing credits to support their contributions.

  5. Create AI Covers: Convert any popular song into your voice and create viral social media clips to bring more exposure to your artist brand and music.

Singing Voice Conversion technology, when combined with ethical AI platforms like Controlla Voice, offers a powerful tool to help artists craft music that's both distinctive and emotionally resonant. In the upcoming steps, we'll explore how you can harness the potential of SVC and Text To Sing to create music that truly reflects your artistic identity.

Step 1: Train an AI Singing Voice That Sounds Like You

Before diving into the world of text-to-singing, it's essential to have an AI singing voice that mirrors your unique vocal style. Ethical platforms like Controlla Voice offer artists the opportunity to opt in for AI voice model training while maintaining their privacy and individuality. Simply gather 15 minutes of your past vocal recordings and upload them to "Create a Voice" on Controlla Voice. You'll get an email in just 15 minutes when your voice is ready.

Step 2: Generate Vocals from Specific Lyrics and Melodies

Now that you have a trained AI singing voice that sounds like you, it's time to convert specific lyrics and melodies into singing performances. Software like Synthesizer V or Vocaloid can help with this:

  1. Select Your Text-to-Singing Software: Choose a reliable text-to-speech synthesis software like SynthV or Vocaloid. These tools allow you to input lyrics and melodies and generate singing vocals.

  2. Customize Lyrics and Melodies: Craft your lyrics and melodies to align with your creative vision. Tweak them to suit your style, mood, and language preferences.

  3. Generate Vocals: Input your customized lyrics and melodies into the software. Watch as it generates singing vocals that capture the essence of your chosen text.

Step 3: Convert Generated Vocals into Your Own Voice with Controlla Voice

Now comes the exciting part—converting the generated vocals into your own voice with Controlla Voice:

  1. Upload Your Generated Vocals: Bring the vocals generated by SynthV or Vocaloid into Controlla Voice on the Singer To Singer tool. Our platform works with all the audio file inputs these softwares may output and lets you upload up to 5 files for conversion at a time.

  2. Convert to Your Voice: Using the power of Controlla Voice, you can convert the generated vocals into your own singing voice. The AI will analyze your unique vocal characteristics and apply them to the generated vocals with the same pitch, rhythm, and emotion.

  3. Fine-Tune and Customize: Adjust the converted vocals to your liking and re-generate as needed. Fine-tune pitch, tone, and style to ensure the final performance matches your artistic vision.

With the help of ethical AI singing platforms like Controlla Voice, you can now convert text to singing in your voice, in any language, effortlessly. By training an AI singing voice that sounds like you and combining it with text-to-singing software like SynthV or Vocaloid, you unlock a world of creative possibilities. Whether you're a songwriter, producer, or artist, this innovative approach to music-making allows you to express yourself like never before. Embrace the future of music creation with Controlla Voice and unleash your voice's unlimited potential today!

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