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How To Release AI Covers to Spotify, Apple Music and all Streaming Platforms

To clear rights and release an AI cover in your voice, or of your song, you'll need to understand why most are illegal in the first place.

Most AI covers on social media have been created without permission from the original artists. They utilize master recordings of the original songs and transform the lead vocal into another voice. Controlla Voice is the first platform to ethically source and secure licenses for popular songs so you can AI cover them in your voice and even monetize them with your streaming audience if you wish.

When you get a licensed AI cover on Controlla Voice, you get the master use rights to the version of that song in your voice. This means it is completely legal and ethical for you to distribute the song however you like as long as you clear Publishing rights. Publishing rights refer to the songwriting and composition of the song. Anyone can cover a song, but certain royalties need to be paid to the publisher when distributing that song. Controlla pays royalties to both the original songwriters and the singers of all our licensed songs.

Fortunately, many distributors handle publishing rights and allow you to upload cover songs simply by checking a box. If you are using DistroKid, make sure to select "This is a cover song". They'll take care of paying royalties to the publishers based on your streaming revenue.

Can I release a cover in any voice?

You can release a cover in any voice that you create with licensed data and permission from that voice. We firmly believe all singer's should have control of their own voices, any violation of our terms could result in a ban. Certain non-singing public figures or public domain characters may often be considered fair use if it is disclosed as AI generated/fake. Whether or not copyright protects the use of an AI voice is yet to be tested in court. We believe in ethical and responsible use of AI voices in a way that does not spread misinformation or negatively impact singer's careers.

How do I release a song you haven't licensed yet?

We're growing our catalog throughout 2024 so If you want to release an AI cover that isn't already in the Controlla Voice catalog you can Request a Song on the Songs page. We can't handle all requests so if you want to guarantee delivery you can Commission a Song here. Now you can start generating your favorite AI covers in your voice and monetizing them instantly! Train your voice and preview songs for free at

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