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Making Your Metaverse: The Future Of Digital Fan Clubs

Artist Metaverse experiences are popping up left and right. However, some musicians are taking it a step further than the now normalized virtual concert by creating Metaverse fan clubs for their audiences.

Below, we’ll share what these Metaverse fan clubs look like, which ones you can currently check out, and explore what this means for the future of music.

Metaverse Fan Clubs? How Does That Work?

The Metaverse isn’t a single concept. It can be broken down into a variety of platforms, all of which can offer endless experiences for their user base.

Musicians are starting to tap into the potential of these platforms, forming their own Metaverse spaces for fans. These spaces are immersive and social, allowing community members to interact with each other, and provide access to digital goods like skins, avatars, and NFTs.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, which is one of the major benefits of these communities. Your Metaverse fan club is moldable to the needs of your specific audience and brand identity as an artist.

What The Future of Metaverse Fan Clubs Means For Musicians

So, what can we expect from Metaverse fan clubs as immersive music experiences become all the more common? Here’s why you might want to hold a Metaverse fan club in the near future.

  • Molding the Metaverse: It’s a common misconception that the Metaverse is a single, cohesive platform. Artists are instead able to create their own virtual worlds hosted on platforms that align directly with their fans and targeted listener base.

  • Allure of Exclusivity: The Metaverse opens up the door for artists to provide more exclusive experiences for the most dedicated fans. Fans that might have otherwise served as casual listeners have the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with their favorite artists.

  • Increased Monetization For Music: More digital goods and assets leads to more music monetization and avenues for budding artists to drum up support.

  • Creating a Dedicated Space For Your Core Fanbase: Metaverse fanbases create communities and allow your most dedicated fans to connect with one another on a deeper level.

  • An Eased Introduction Into Web3: Artists can help introduce fans to the Metaverse who might’ve been deterred by the novelty of the space.

Metaverse Fan Clubs To Keep An Eye On

While there isn’t one right way to host your own fan space in the Metaverse, some of today’s A-listers are already paving the way for future artists. Here are a couple of current Metaverse fan clubs and what they entail.

  1. Hottieverse: Megan Thee Stallion’s Hottieverse partnership with AmazeVR creates a virtual concert experience for fans in AMC theaters all across the US. Fans will be able to experience a VR MTS concert as though she was performing just for them, amplified with limitless VR set design.

  2. Dollyverse: Dolly Parton partnered with Blockchain Creative Labs to produce a line of NFT collectibles for her upcoming album and offered a virtual concert experience on the blockchain.

  3. A0K1verse: Steve Aoki brings this Metaverse fan club packed with benefits for fans. Having an A0K1verse passport offers exclusive presale access, IRL tour tickets, wearables, and exclusive access to Aoki Metaverse events.

  4. Birdhain: Dirtybird Records created a virtual nightclub called Birdhain to share label artists day and night exclusively to NFT holders.

  5. Snoopverse: Snoop Dogg created a collection of playable “Doggies” or NFT playable Snoop Dogg-esc avatars. You can also join the Snoopverse permitting you premium access to future Snoop Dogg launches and the option to play-to-earn Snoopverse rewards within the Sandbox game.

  6. Paris World: Paris Hilton dropped a Metaverse in Roblox called Paris World. This island hosts exclusive virtual merchandise and recreation of Hilton’s mansion. Hilton is set to perform a DJ set broadcasted in this Metaverse space on New Year’s Eve.

  7. Knotverse: Slip Knot’s Knotverse is poised to hold generative NFTs, virtual concerts and gaming, and digital memorabilia for fans.

  8. Coachella and Absolut vodka created a themed Metaverse via Decentraland, providing access to avatar collectibles and surprise incentives.

  9. Planet Doja: Doja Cat created an NFT collection via Oneof which provided fans with the opportunity to purchase collectibles and enter to win IRL concert tickets. You can also “visit” Planet Her via the immersive website in exchange for your email.

  10. Oberhasli: Deadmau5's ' metaverse universe allows access to digital concerts, immersive worlds inspired by the EDM artist’s music, Deadmau5 skins, games, and a chance to win “guest for life” tickets to the artist’s concerts.

The ways to interact with fans in the Metaverse are endless. At Controlla, we’re working to provide more interactive experiences for fans and artists.

If you're an artist looking for solutions and would like to collaborate with Controlla on new interactive experiences, apply for our private alpha below:

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