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Why VR Rhythm Games Are Here To Stay

The music and gaming industries have something new in common. VR Rhythm Games are set to transform the way we produce and play for the next generation of creators. But what is a VR Rhythm game? And what does that mean for the future of music?

Below, we’ll share the scoop on these unique VR games and explain their power to disrupt the entertainment industry.

What Is A VR Rhythm Game?

A VR Rhythm game is a game that’s focused on hitting certain beats or notes within the context of virtual reality. These games are becoming increasingly popular and have started licensing songs from major artists like Imagine Dragons. Think Rockband meets virtual reality. VR Rhythm games are played utilizing VR headsets like the Playstation VR or Oculus VR controllers.

What Do VR Rhythm Games Mean For The Future of Music?

Music-facing video games are nothing new. Just Dance was a smash hit, and many continue to enjoy music-focused games like Guitar Hero. With that in mind, VR Rhythm Games do offer some unique value props, giving them the power to rethink how we interact with gaming and music as a whole:

  • The Crossover of Two Powerful and Adjacent Industries Means Big Business: The gaming and music industry continue to overlap, solidified by ventures like Epic buying out Bandcamp. Gamers are avid music listeners, so the continued crossover of the two industries makes a lot of sense and paves the way for artists to monetize their works on new platforms.

  • Creation and Consumption of The VR Space Leads To More Music Monetization: The advent of the Metaverse makes consumption of virtual reality far more common. Musicians are now able to explore opportunities through hosting virtual concerts and having their songs heard in casual contexts like VR Rhythm Games. These new fan experiences can help listeners connect in a new, monetizable way with artists.

  • Productive Gamification: Rhythm-focused experiences allow gamers to have an entry-level experience making music. The expansion of casual games focused on musical technical accuracy opens the door for a new wave of future producers.

  • The Power of Movement: Moving to music produces the feel-good hormone serotonin and can help reduce stress levels. VR Rhythm games provide fans with opportunities to be an active consumer of an artist’s work, which is rare outside of a concert setting.

With the widespread integration of the metaverse, gamified music is only set to spread and benefit both the music and gaming industries.

Best VR Rhythm Games To Try Out

Want to get in on the action yourself? Here are some VR Rhythm Games to try out!

Beat Saber

Past lovers of Fruit Ninja and Tap Tap Revenge will adore Beat Saber. This VR rhythm game allows you to slice blocks to hit beats of your favorite musical songs from big names like Fall Out Boy.

Synth Riders

Are you a big fan of synthwave aesthetics? Go dance to some amazing music in VR with Synth Riders. You can also edit the beat map to your own movements making this experience as immersible as it is customizable.


From the makers of Rockband comes Audica, a rhythmic VR shooter game that allows you to protect the galaxy all while bumping to the beat. It’s available on PlayStation®VR, Steam, and Oculus making it super accessible to those new to VR Rhythm games.


Vikings, anyone? This VR rhythm game allows you to pound your way to victory, drumming along to Celtic tunes to power your ship. You can also challenge rivals in multiplayer mode for any fierce competitors out there.


Controlla’s AR Automation Controller isn’t a game per se, but it’s definitely a lot of fun. Our controller makes it easy for you to automate anything in your DAW just by moving your phone one way or the other. Join our beta for free by signing up below for a limited time:

It’s clear that VR Rhythm games hold a lot of potential. It remains to see how these collaborations throughout the entertainment industry as a whole, but the future is bright. In the meantime, enjoy rocking out in VR!

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