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About Controlla

Controlla is a music tech startup building interactive music games that allow fans to control—and participate in—music from the creators they love. Fans can directly support artists, and both fans and artists can benefit from the creation of derivative works as remixes, collaborations, memes, and more.

Our Vision

We're making it easier for more people to earn a fair living as a music creator.

  • Fans are accustomed to interactive media, led by social and gaming experiences

  • Music lovers want to put their own spin on the media they enjoy through remix and memetic culture.

Kate Brunotts
Content Creator

Kate Brunotts is a critically acclaimed producer and artist recognized by the likes of Earmilk, BBC Introducing, and countless others. 

With half a decade of audio engineering experience, Kate now works to educate others on all things music production, from building beats to film scoring.

Rohan Paul

Founder and CEO

As a rapper, producer, and University of Michigan alum, previously at DJI and Cardiogram, Rohan had the privilege of developing for technologies ranging from LIDAR mapping to smartwatch health-monitoring solutions.

After six years of tinkering with AR and VR technologies to gain an unfair advantage in a highly saturated industry, he realized there's an entire universe of sonic expression and musical control that remains uncharted.

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 Engage with fans and earn more through new formats of interactive music.

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