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  • What is Controlla? What is Controlla XYZ?
    Controlla (the company) is a music tech startup building interactive songs that allow fans to control—and participate in—music from the creators they love. Fans can directly support artists, and both fans and artists can benefit from the creation of derivative works as remixes, collaborations, memes, and more. Controlla XYZ is our first product. It turns your phone into an MIDI controller, making it easy for you to automate any three parameters by moving your phone. It’s compatible with any DAW that supports MIDI learn/CC mapping like Ableton Live, Logic, FL studio, or Reason. You can learn more here
  • What's Season One?
    Our Season One release is designed to transform unreleased songs into interactive games for fans. Our team will turn your unreleased song into a game, which is yours to promote your song's release. Your fans can control effects and creative aspects by playing the game on their phones. They can earn rewards and get voted up and down by your audience. You can give it away, sell it to create extra income, or include it as a value-add for your top fans. It costs you nothing, but space is limited, so act fast! Apply for Season One here.
  • How to get started with Controlla XYZ on Android?
    For android devices, MIDI communication is done via Bluetooth (BLE MIDI). Controlla XYZ is always broadcasting a BLE MIDI connection from the moment you open the app (as long as Bluetooth on your mobile device is on). If you are connecting to a Windows computer, download MIDIberry to set up a BLE MIDI connection: If you are connecting to a Mac, follow these steps: 1. Open Audio/MIDI Setup 2. Make sure the "MIDI Studio" window is open. 3. Click the Bluetooth Icon in the top right and select your Android device. Finally follow the other FAQs for connecting to your specified DAW. Note: Android devices have a variety of hardware specs and certain devices will have issues running the AR functionalities that Controlla XYZ requires. We recommend using Android devices with Lidar sensors.
  • How do I connect Controlla XYZ to Windows?
    To use Controlla with Windows, you must use a WiFi MIDI Session. Controlla automatically broadcasts your iPhone to whichever Wifi you are connected to in the background. 1. To setup a MIDI Network Session on Windows, download rtpMIDI. Make sure you click the right download button: green with the text "Trusted" on it. 2. In rtpMIDI, click the plus sign under "My Sessions" to create a session then make sure it's "Enabled" in the right side "Session" section. 3. Make sure your PC and iPhone are on the same Wifi Network. Open the Controlla app on your iPhone. You should see your iPhone listed in the available devices section of rtpMIDI. Select it and click "Connect". If you do not see your phone after restarting Controlla, try downloading this 3rd party "MIDI Network" app on your phone from the App Store (developed by Oscar Bouwmans). Use the MIDI Network app to connect to your PC then switch back to the Controlla app. You can now wirelessly send MIDI data from your iPhone to your computer. Refer to instructions for configuring your DAW to recieve MIDI from your phone. Troubleshooting: If you cant see
  • How do I connect Controlla XYZ to Mac?
    1. Plug your phone into your Mac. 2. Search for "Audio MIDI Setup" in spotlight, open it and "Enable" your iPhone in the Audio Devices window. Tap "Trust this computer" on your phone if prompted. You can ignore any suggested software updates. If you use Logic Pro, you're all set! Otherwise refer to the instructions for configuring your DAW.
  • How do I use Controlla XYZ with Ableton Live?
    Don't forget to enable your iPhone in Audio MIDI Setup. 1. Open Ableton, Select "iPhone" as an Input Control Surface in Preferences → MIDI. You can leave the first dropdown as "None". 2. Enable the "Remote" checkbox for "iPhone In:" at the bottom (see screenshot). 3. Press ⌘ + M to toggle "MIDI Learn" mode then click any parameter you want to control in Ableton 4. Slide the slider on your phone for the direction you want to map it to. Repeat for all 3 sliders. 5. Press ⌘ + M to turn off MIDI Learn and start automating!
  • How do I use Controlla XYZ with Logic Pro X?
    If you've enabled your iPhone in Audio MIDI Setup, then you're all set to start mapping parameters. 1. Touch the knob, slider, or parameter you want to control. 2. Press ⌘ + L to enter "Learn Mode" 3. Slide a slider on your phone to map that direction to the selected parameter. Map all 3 sliders to different effects. 4. Close the Learn Assignments window and start automating!
  • How do I use Controlla XYZ to FL Studio?
  • Which DAWs can I use Controlla XYZ with?
    Any DAWs that support MIDI CC Mapping. Search your DAW's manual for "MIDI CC Learn" or "Controller Assignments". We've tested Controlla XYZ on Logic, Ableton, FL Studio, Reason, and Studio One so far.
  • What is MIDI CC?
    MIDI CC (Control Change) is a type of message sent in the MIDI protocol to denote changes in sound parameters. Depending on your DAW, this can be any knob or slider you turn, even inside plug-ins! There's 127 MIDI CC Numbers and each one can eventually be used to manipulate a different parameter. The MIDI protocol leaves this open for future evolution. See MIDI 2.0 if you're a geek. For reference, the following are the most commonly mapped MIDI CCs: 1 = Modulation wheel 2 = Breath Control 7 = Volume 10 = Pan 11 = Expression 64 = Sustain Pedal (on/off) 65 = Portamento (on/off) 71 = Resonance (filter) 74 = Frequency Cutoff (filter)
  • How do I record my performed modulation?
    Method 1: Record with automation recording on as if you were using any other MIDI Controller with mapped knobs. You should see all the automation points and be able to edit them freely. This is useful for parsing through your performance or even copying the automation to another effect after-the-fact! Method 2: Send your track output to another track input and resample while modulating, this can ensure you performance stays intact exactly how it sounded the first time.
  • What can I use Controlla XYZ on?
    Maybe it's easier to explain what you cannot use it on: tacos, pizza, or a moving bicycle (cars are fine). Here's some effect groups to inspire you: EQ High Cut Freq, Distortion Wet, Chorus Wet - Works well with chords and melodies Reverb Wet, Reverb Distance, Tremolo Rate - Try it on hi-hats, percussion or sharp, plucky melodies Arpeggiator Rate, Arpeggiator Pattern, Arpeggiator Swing - Ok tbh I haven't tried this one but it could be a dope way to make a new melody ;)
  • What plug-ins can I use with Controlla XYZ?
    Basically any plugin that lets you map CC's to it (depends on your DAW). Some plug-ins to try for the quickest results: - Arcade by Output This one's classic for instant inspiration, they often have 4 parameters that all work perfectly with Controlla XYZ. - Valhalla Reverb - iZotope VocalSynth - Antares AVOX - Soundtoys Little Alterboy
  • How do I contact Controlla?
    Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns at You can also tag us in your Controlla creations on Tiktok or Instagram. We'd love to hear from you!
  • How to set custom minimum and maximum values for a parameter?
    Some DAWs provide a way to do this on your computer direction, such as Ableton's MIDI CC Mappings list. However, for convenience, you can drag the circle handles and the beginning and end of each slider on your phone to adjust the min/max thresholds. This is useful when automating parameters that sound harsh or inaudible at their extremes, you can cap the cutoff frequency so it never goes below 500Hz, or the distortion gain so it never goes above 10dB.
  • How do I lock a parameter?
    Tap the lock icon to the top right of each slider to lock that axis. When locked, any movements will no longer change the value of that slider.
  • How to I invert a parameter?
    Let's say you're modulating Cutoff Frequency and expect that as you move the phone back, the cutoff should decrease. However, after mapping, you realize its actually increasing the Cutoff Frequency. You can tap the +- invert icon to switch the direction of control. Now that it's inverted, when you move back the Cutoff should decrease.
  • What gestures can I use?
    Tap to reset box orientation. Pinch to adjust box size. Feel free to send us suggestions for other gestures that would feel natural to you.
  • How do I adjust the sensitivity?
    The sensitivity of your motion is determine by the size of the virtual box. By default it is 0.2m. You can pinch the box with two fingers to adjust this size between 0.1 and 1 meters.
  • My labels don't match up with the direction of the lines on the cube
    This will happen when you open the app and turn around. It's because the box is positioned relative to the real world. To fix this, simply tap on the box and it should re-orient itself so that the labels match the correct directions.
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