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Season One

Your song is a game that creates remixes as fans play it.

How do you engage your most enthusiastic fans on a new song and get them to spread it?

Controlla interactive song experiences enable your fans to control your music. Season One is a mobile AR game. Fans fly a rocket, avoiding asteroids, while listening to your song. Steering the rocket simultaneously controls effects of your choice, and that remixes your song as they play.

Your top fans don’t simply want to press play and sit back; they want to participate in your music. They’re used to playing videogames and metaverse experiences, and they want to control the music they love. And they are accustomed to commenting on, liking, sharing, and collaborating on social media.

Music is passive. We’re changing that.

Controlla Season One Demo


Fans can play Season One from any mobile device. When the song’s over, they can listen back to their remix, share it, and participate in a community of engaged music fans. You can then send them to your site, to buy merch or NFTs, they can pick another song to play, or we can send them to participate in our community to talk with other superfans about the music they love.


In future Seasons, we’ll explore new features such as the ability for fans to upvote different remixes, and for you to promote your favorites. We’ll create new game environments, objects, and mechanics so you can provide your fans with customized, unique experiences that fit the content of your songs. We’ll add rewards they can collect, which they can spend in-game and on your digital and physical merch.

And we’re all in on derivates. What are derivatives? When fans create variations of your music with remixes, collaborations, guest vocals and instruments, or creating meme clips, those derivative works can spread and compound the growth of your music.



Season One is free for a limited number of unreleased songs. There are zero upfront or hidden costs to artists who apply to participate in Controlla Season One. In the future, we will add mechanisms to the games that help you make money from things like them being played or packaged into NFTs. We’ll take a percentage of that income, but we want you to know that Controlla doesn’t make money unless you do. Our mission is to help more people earn a fair living making music, so our business model reflects that.


Music is severely under-monetized, and music creators capture just a tiny sliver of the value in their music due to streaming platforms, labels, agents, and other middlemen all taking their cut.

We are building new formats of interactive music so music creators can earn more money doing what they love.

We ❤️

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