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Code of Ethics

Our AI singing voices are a powerful technology and can be dangerous in the wrong hands. We've taken the lead in setting our own code of ethics to protect artists' voices and ensure the world's most realistic AI singing voices are used responsibly

  • We do NOT allow training models on celebrity singers, or anyone pursuing music, without explicit permission.

  • We do NOT use AI voices for deceptive purposes.

Prevention & Detection

​We take serious measures in our products to prevent misuse. We don't allow user-uploaded voices, model imports, or any features that enable users to skirt regulations and steal voices from artists.

We partner with social media takedown systems and report ALL content in violation of our code of ethics to cut off unauthorized content at all points of distribution. When you create a verified voice with us, we use your voice model to detect and prevent other users from cloning the same voice. 

As creators and providers of this powerful technology, it is our responsibility and obligation to ensure it's used in positive ways.

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