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7 AI Music Plugins To Build Your Beats

Updated: May 16, 2022

Whether you’re a producer purist or not, AI assisted music plugins are here to stay. These helpful tools use machine learning to create beats entirely on their own, or serve as a creative starting point to get musicians inspired.

We’ll dive into 7 of the best AI music plugins below and share how these tools can help you start building better beats.

Orb Composer: $117 (DISCLAIMER: This plugin is no longer available)

Orb Composer is an AI-powered set of plugins designed to help you build chords, create MIDI harmonies, and map velocities in your DAW. You can choose between creating bass, melody, chord, or synth lines and then adjust based on parameters like velocity, syncopation, and spread all within the straight-forward interface.

Once you’re happy with what you’ve created, simply drag and drop the MIDI file into your DAW to use with any sound. You can select different keys and time signatures with the option to harmonize, so filling out a full track with Orb Composer is a breeze. This set isn’t free, but it’s sure to speed up your beat making workflow, so it’s certainly worth considering.

Atlas 2: $99

Type-A musicians rejoice! Atlas 2 by Algonaut is a plugin that automatically sorts your samples by sound profile using artificial intelligence. Using the intuitive Atlas map, you can easily find the perfect samples for your track. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your samples into the interface’s built-in drum pad or sequencer to start creating organized kits.

You’re also able to adjust the samples within the interface, making it a super-powered tool for serious beatmakers. There’s also a trial version available for download if you’re eager to give this plugin a spin.

PlayBeat: $58

Playbeat by Audiomodern is a self-described creative groove randomizer. Essentially, this plugin serves as an ultra powerful sequencer, that uses AI and random input to create cohesive yet sonically diverse grooves for the backbone of your beats. Simply load 4 of your favorite samples into the interface and start playing around with the different parameters.

The plugin can be mapped to a MIDI controller and automatically syncs to the tempo of your track. It’s also available for iOS for any mobile producers.

Tone Transfer: Free

Tone Transfer by Google Research and Magenta allows you to take an audio sample’s tone and transients, and transform the sound into a flute, saxophone, trumpet, and violin with surprisingly accurate results. You can record directly into the online plugin, or load up a pre-recorded sound to run through the processor.

Best of all, it’s entirely free. You’re free to download the processed files so that you can import them directly into your DAW. Magenta also offers a series of Ableton Live plugins to help you generate AI driven melodies, drum loops, and grooves which are definitely worth downloading if you’re an Ableton head.

A.I Duet: Free

AI Duet by Google may be a toy more than anything else, but it’s certainly a fun tool to play with when you’re procrastinating. This is another collaboration from Google and Magenta that allows you to play a piano line, only for the computer to follow up your melody line with a similar one of its own.

While you aren’t able to export anything from the interface, you could always screen record your duet session to capture some melodies for your song. This could be a great way to build out similar variations of your main melody throughout your song for a pre chorus or bridge. Plus, it’s just fun to play with.

Rhythmiq: $149 (DISCLAIMER: This plugin is no longer available)

If you’re sick of stale beats, it’s time to check out Rhythmiq. This AI-powered VST allows you to create unique beat variations using the plugin’s included packs, or your own samples. After finding a groove you like, you can arrange each drum component separately to create a truly organic sounding beat.

The plugin is fully supported in Ableton and Logic and is easy to incorporate into your track. Simply load up the virtual instrument, create an arrangement you like, and print your groove into your DAW. You can give Rythmiq a free spin for 14 days.

Smart EQ-3: $145

Smart EQ-3 by Sonible is an AI driven equalizer that creates spectral balance on a single track, or on up to 6 different groups at once. The EQ analyzes your audio input, and then creates a custom filter, which can then be adjusted or used on its own. With the ability of arranging 6 different track groups simultaneously, you’ll be able to see how each instrument group interacts with another in real time.

The plugin also allows you to prioritize groups in order of sonic importance, making it easy for you to help your standout parts shine. You can give the plugin a spin for free for 30 days.

Ozone 9: Starts at $249

Ozone by Izotope uses machine learning to master your tracks. This mastering plugin allows you to feed it a reference track, and then optimizes your song’s balance based on your output goals. The mastering suite uses its tonal balance, low end focus, master rebalance, equalizer, imager, spectral shaper, exciter, maximizer, and limiter to shape your track.

Each of the parameters can be individually adjusted after the plugin has created its mastering prediction. This plugin also works hand in hand with other Izotope favorites like Neutron and Nectar.

Adaptiverb: $249

If you’re a big fan of lush, ethereal reverbs, it might make sense to look into Zynaptiq’s Adaptiverb. This AI-driven reverb adapts to each input individually, creating a harmonically-sound verb that won’t clash or mud up the rest of your mix. You can also add harmonics and alternative pitches into your reverb creating a rich sound that’s subtle yet sonically pleasing.

You can try this plugin out on a free trial before committing to a $250 price tag.

Clearly, there are plenty of ways to use machine learning to enhance your beats. Have fun playing around with these futuristic beat making tools!

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