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9 AI Tools For Marketing Your Music

Music marketing comes easier to some artists than others. Regardless of your position, the need to market your music is absolutely universal.

That being said, there’s no denying that it’s a lot easier to market your music if you aren’t camera shy. In today’s age, it’s practically a requirement that you drum up social media interest in order to bring ears to your music in an oversaturated market.

Luckily, there are workarounds even if you don’t relish being in front of the camera. Believe it or not, the answer lies in AI.

Below, we’ll share some of the best AI tools for marketing your music so that you can earn an audience without going outside of your comfort zone. Let’s dive into it!

9 Best AI Tools For Marketing Your Music

Without further ado, here are some of the best AI and computer generated promotional tools to help market your music. Each of these tools can be used both before and after release, so don’t be afraid to get creative!.

  1. Distrokid

  2. GANArt Breeder

  3. Runway AI Video Editor

  4. Scribbling Speech

  5. SYQEL Music Visualizer

  6. Lovo Voice Cloning

  7. AI Art Maker

  8. Rotor Music Videos

  9. Data Driven Playlists

1. Distrokid: $19.99-$79.00

While Distrokid is best known for its reputation as an independent artist distributor, they also have some criminally underused promotion tools. If you have Distrokid, head to "Goodies", and then "Promote Yourself", and you'll find a whole host of tools including a video meme generator, mini promotional video, free promo cards, and even a music visualizer creation tool.

Best of all, most of these tools are included with your subscription to the distribution service. You can download an unlimited amount of free assets before and after your release, all without having to pull out the selfie cam.

2. GANart Breeder: Free

If you're looking to make some trippy cool cover art within 5 minutes, Artbreeder is your best free friend. This tool blends two images of your choice using AI, allowing you to adjust parameters after the fact to tweak your work. Just look at some of the examples created on the main dashboard of the site:

Even if you don't use this tool to create cover art, it can be an excellent tool for creating a mood board or becoming inspired for visualizations you might want to include in a future music video.

3. Runway AI Video Editor: $0-$100

There's no way to get around creating video content for your music. That being said, using a video editor powered by machine learning like Runway can make that process a lot easier.

The video editor offers smart suggestions allowing you to create professional video content in a fraction of the time it might take to figure out on your own. Best of all, you can try the service out for free to make sure that the workflow makes sense for you.

4. Scribbling Speech: Free

If you're into coding at all, this open-source art experiment by Xinyue Yang is certainly worth your time. The tool makes it easy for you to turn verbal phrases into animated scribbles which could make a unique music marketing tool, if you're likely to put in the time to figure out how to use it.

5. SYQEL Music Visualizer: $0-$4.99

If you ever stream to market your music, it's certainly worth checking out this music visualizer that automatically syncs to your tunes using AI.

Not only does the customizable visualizer make an amazing streaming pick on any platform, but you can also use it as any easy interesting background for a music video or lyric video.

6. Lovo Voice Cloning: $0-$49.99

If you tend to use voiceovers on Tiktoks or other short form video to help promote your music, this tool could potentially be a lifesaver. With an ability to customize voice overs in your own tone, you'll be able to pump out plenty of content without having to constantly get in front of the camera.

7. AI Art Maker: Free

With the power of Art Maker, you'll be able to turn a couple of key phrases into cover art in a matter of seconds. Just look what it came up with when I typed "ocean, sad, dark" and selected the "Japanese Art" style:

It might take this tool a little bit of time to process your keywords, but hey, the tool is entirely free.

8. Rotor Music Videos: $9-$18 Per Video

Need a music video on the fly but don't have the time or budget to create one? Rotor music videos to the rescue! This service allows you to create a music video with different stock video clips choosing from different styles, powered by AI.

You'll get a preview of your video within a matter of minutes, and then you have the freedom to adjust the timeline and export in different formats as you please.

9. Data Driven Playlists: Free

While this isn't necessarily a service you can purchase, it's worth noting that DSPs like Spotify utilize algorithmic playlists to push out your music to new ears. Some of these playlists include "Discover Weekly" and "Release Radar":

This is a huge perk since you still have the chance for your mix to live on well past release date. I've found that some of songs have gotten organically picked up by these playlists after reaching around 10K streams, so if you can focus on getting your songs to that point organically, these data-driven playlists can really start to kick in for an extra push.

Why Use AI?

In today’s data driven world, using AI tools for production, promotion, and anything in between is more common than ever. Though a lot of music purists may cringe at the idea of using some lifeless cyborg to create music, we often forget the AI is entirely based off of the information we choose to feed it.

That means that artificial intelligence utilizes musical information spanning across musical genres, cultures, and phrasing to give us some of the most interesting sonic possibilities that we simply might not have come across on our own.

Using artificial intelligence in music in cheating -- it’s collaborating. In the same way that you might make music with a trusted friend or colleague, AI can point you to new ideas that you may or may not use in the final version of any particular track. As with most things in music, it’s not what tools you have -- it’s how you use them in your own unique voice.

With the help of these innovative tools, you’ll be able to take your music and marketing to new heights in a more efficient, comfortable way. Enjoy using AI marketing tools to promote your productions.

Did we miss any AI marketing tools? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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