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AI-Generated Music Is Revolutionizing The Music Industry

AI composed music is becoming a staple within the music industry. These compositional generators can be used to create inspiring reference tracks, royalty-free music for creators, or danceable music on their own.

But can AI music truly replace human musicians? And what does AI-generated music mean for the future of music? We’ll give you the full scoop below.

What Is An AI Music Generator or AI Music Composer?

Contrary to what you may picture, an AI music composer doesn’t equate to a robot sitting at the piano. Instead, AI composers are built using machine learning, sourcing from a data set that encompasses a wide range of music. Some AI music generators may incorporate a recurrent neural network (RNN) as well, designed to model the mappings of the human brain’s likes and dislikes.

It’s worth noting that AI created music still relies fairly heavily on humans, at least initially, to train the generator on what sounds good and what doesn’t. These tools manifest themselves as plugins, songwriting assistants, virtual voices, and full-on production suites.

Will AI Music Makers Replace Musicians?

Musicians don’t need to worry about being replaced by AI compositional tools, at least for the time being. Most AI Music is modeled after music that’s already been released and crafted by human artists.

While AI compositions can sound shockingly good, they’re simply pulling from the data sets that we feed them, so it’s likely that novel innovation will continue to come from music makers. AI compositional technology is still dependent on human input for guidance.

What Do AI Music Makers Mean For The Future of Music?

If AI-generated music isn’t replacing musicians, where does it sit within the music industry? Here are a couple of ways this technology can shake up music for the better:

  • AI Assistance: AI Production plugins, songwriting tools, and vocalists can all help existing musicians improve their craft efficiently.

  • Less Barrier To Entry: Novice musicians can express themselves more easily since AI-assisted tools provide more generalized access to production. This effect can help draw in a new wave of producers who might otherwise feel intimidated by music production.

  • Creator Autonomy: Video and content creators can now produce their own soundtracks according to the mood of their creations without needing external help.

  • Eclectic Inspiration: Musicians can become inspired by AI’s eclectic creations. By design, AI composers pull from a wide range of genres, which can help spark ideas for cutting new, genre-bending music.

15 AI Music Generators You Should Know

AI music composers are becoming all the more common. Check out some of these AI music generators for yourself!

1. SoundRaw

The SoundRaw music generator uses AI to help you build songs in your browser. You can edit the makeup of each song using the intuitive sequencer that’s friendly to producers and novice musicians alike.

2. Boomy

The app Boomy allows you to make music with AI by selecting a style, customizing parameters, and releasing directly to your audience. Within a couple of minutes, you can create multiple songs for release or inspiration for future creations.

3. Soundful

This interactive AI music generator makes it easy for anyone to create studio-quality tracks in any genre. Each track is royalty-free, making this software a great choice for creators who need awesome music for their creations.

4. Audior

While this isn’t necessarily an AI composer, Audior is a valuable AI assisted songwriting tool. This app helps you write lyrics by generating suggestions based on your input topic. You can filter by mood and genre to set the scene for your song.

5. JukeBox

JukeBox uses a neural network to craft music and rudimentary singing for fully-fledged, AI compositions. The code is open source, so this is a real treat for developers!

6. Ecrett Music

This royalty-free music maker generates beats utilizing artificial intelligence. You can choose moods, genres, and most importantly, customize beats to fit your project’s unique needs.

7. Brain FM

This AI powered music maker isn’t marketed to composers or advertisers. Instead, this site hosts a library of AI crafted music to help improve focus, relaxation, or guide listeners through meditation.

8. The Infinite Drum Machine

The Infinite Drum Machine built by Google and Magenta Labs utilizes AI to organize infinite audio samples, serving as a web browser drum machine. It’s incredibly fun to play with and super intuitive for emerging producers.

9. Solaria Singer

Solaria is an AI singer that uses vocal synthesis to recreate the human voice in your projects. It’s modeled after a Broadway singer with impressive tone and realism.

10. Atlas AI

Atlas 2 is an excellent AI music plugin that sorts your sample library with AI and puts together an intuitive trigger map to help you make the best use what you already have. Producers will appreciate the plugin’s built-in sequencer and drum pad for maximum efficiency.

11. Amadeus Code

For AI composition on the go, check out Amadeus Code. This AI powered composer makes it easy for you to craft song sketches, and even export MIDI files to your DAW. You can generate full compositions with the AI or use the app as a virtual music collaborator.

12. Amper

Amper is one of the most popular music composers and is currently being used by Taryn Southern, a pop musician, to complete her album I AM AI. This AI composer is owned by Shutterstock and allows you to shape AI-crafted music to your liking. Each composed track comes with a global perpetual license, so you are free to use your Amper compositions on any content channels.

13. Computoser

Computoser might not have the sleekest user interface, but it’s free of charge and composes music utilizing AI directly in your browser. Select your mood, tempo,instruments, and other parameters before letting the artificial intelligence work its magic.

14. AIVA

AIVA is dubbed as an artificial intelligence composer, helping you to create emotional soundtrack music for games, film, and more. You can compose utilizing a preset genre or even upload and influence to help guide the composition process.

15. Musico

Musico serves as an AI generative software engine that can be used for composition, storytelling, and augmented performance. Listeners are welcome to guide the AI composer through the public Beta Web player.

AI generated music is poised to become an integral part of the music industry as we know it. Have fun composing with the help of artificial intelligence!

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