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8 Song Maker Apps To Jumpstart Your Music Production Journey

Learning how to produce music can be intimidating. There’s a lot that goes into understanding a DAW, or digital audio workstation, so it can feel like a slog to communicate your creativity when you’re just starting out.

Luckily, there are plenty of music games that can help you get your feet wet in the world of music production while affording you all of the fun! We’ll cover some of the best song maker apps below so that you can start creating and enjoying these amazing music experiences.

Why Is The Crossover of Gaming and Music So Important?

Before jumping into some awesome apps, it’s worth analyzing why the gaming and music industries are becoming increasingly intertwined. As it turns out, there’s a lot of potential and mutual benefit for both industries.

Gamers stream music at double the rate of the average listener. There’s a clear link between interest in music and gaming, and song maker apps only emphasize that relationship. Music integrated gaming like VR rhythm games and the music mobile apps discussed below sit at an intersection of these two industries, gamifying the music production experience, without sacrificing the enjoyment that comes from playing a well-thought-out video game.

In turn, this crossover creates a lower barrier to entry into the world of music production and more potential streams of revenue for musicians, who are severely underpaid historically.

In the foreseeable future, musicians can license their music to these sorts of experiences and provide fans with new ways to interact with their art. Music games can also convert players into producers, providing more value to both industries. Gamers and musicians can provide mutual value through opportunities like song maker apps.

8 Song Maker Apps For Music Producers And Music Lovers

Are you ready to practice and play simultaneously? Here are several cutting-edge song maker music games that blur the line between play and production.

1. Bandlab

Bandlab is an amazing free song maker app and music production tool for hobbyists and serious music producers alike. While you can still enjoy the app’s DAW-like interface, there’s also an approachable looper and beat pad that will keep anyone entertained. The app also has a built-in social network so that you can interact with other creators and share your music.

2. Incredibox

This fun interactive music experience is great for kids and adults alike. Incredibox is a music game where users can toggle beatboxers on or off to build their own sonic creations. Selecting different accessories for your beatboxer cues different sounds, which is admittedly, addicting. The song maker app has no ads and has several music packs for you to work your way through.

3. Groovepad

Groovepad is a simple, addicting beatmaker designed to help you build a composition with a couple of clicks. You can record into the app and enjoy fresh new sounds, updated weekly to build new beats.

4. Figure

Figure is a song maker app developed by the minds behind the DAW Reason. The simple interface guides you through drums, bass, synths, and plenty of effects to help you make magical music within a matter of seconds.

5. Poly World

If you’re looking for something a little closer to a traditional mobile game, Poly World is a great place to start. This music runner app allows you to traverse 3D worlds to the beat of in-app music. Poly World provides unique background melodies for each world and 19 levels to navigate through.

6. Fluids and Sound Simulation

Looking for a song maker app to bring your inner zen? Check out Fluids and Sound Simulation. This app helps you create art and music at the same time, adjusting color, shape, and fluidity to the beat of your favorite songs.

7. Tetris Beat

The new and improved form of Tetris, which also has a rhythm VR version, takes classic Tetris and sets it to an interactive music landscape. Tetris Beat puts your puzzle pieces to the tune of exclusive app music, allowing you to contribute to the sonic landscape as you complete the puzzle.

8. Controlla Season One

With Seasons, we’re enabling artists to transform their music into AR reality games for fans. Fans can remix your song while they play the interactive game, eventually leading them to an invitation to your artist page, Discord server, or whatever you’d like! Spots are limited but you can apply for a Season One release below.

Song maker apps are becoming all the more common, fusing together the worlds of music and gaming. Enjoy building beats on these amazing apps!

At Controlla, we’re crafting music technology and interactive experiences to help you connect with your fans as a producer or music creator.

We're launching Season One, allowing artists to transform unreleased songs into interactive games catered to their audiences. They can give it away, sell it to create extra income, or include it as a value-add for top fans. It costs nothing, but space is limited, so act fast and apply for consideration in Season One!

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