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Best Games for Music Lovers

Music and video games have a lot more in common than you may think. Creators have taken notice and built a bridge between the industries via ventures like Epic Game’s Bandcamp buyout and the emergence of increasingly more VR rhythm games.

Thankfully, there are plenty of more video games for music lovers to explore if you're ready to get in on the action. Below, we’ll share why the interaction of music and gaming makes a lot of sense, and share a couple of video games that are perfect for music fans.

Why The Intersection of Music and Gaming Is Pivotal For Both Industries

It may be unclear as to why developers would push for creating immersive music creation experiences. However, if you take a look at the data, the reasoning seems clear– the gaming community streams music at double the rate of the average listener.

It’s clear that gamers have an obvious demand for music, so combining play with music production and manipulation is sure to be successful. At the same time, merging music with gaming can provide more direct revenue streams to artists and help bring in new ears from the gaming community.

With new immersive music games comes a whole wave of new producers. And with more monetization and visibility of music from the gaming community comes more full-time, empowered artists.

Philosophy aside, games for music lovers are a whole lot of fun. They certainly represent a positive shift of collaboration within the entertainment industry, but they also hold value for any player who just wants to jam out.

7 Video Games For Music Lovers

Whether you’re a music fan or musician yourself, these video games are sure to keep you entertained. Here are 9 video games for music fans to check out:

Beat Saber is one of the original VR Rhythm Games that just about anyone can enjoy. You’ll slash your saber to the beats of adrenaline pumping music immersing yourself in a futuristic world.

With music packs from major music artists like Green Day, Lady Gaga, Panic at the Disco!, and Billie Eilish, there’s something for everyone with this addictive rhythm game.

Who would’ve thought that you could combine shredding with saving humanity? The iconic Brutal Legend game, primarily voiced by Jack Black, takes these elements in with ease, creating a face-paced action-adventure game dedicated to the love of heavy metal.

Guitar solos can buff your opponents as you fight your way past imitation cover bands and encounter legendary musician cameos like Ozzy Ozborne.

Take classic Tetris and blend it with an immersive rhythm VR game and your get Tetris Effect. The sound in this game reacts in real time to your Tetris moves, allowing you to remix songs as you complete puzzles.

With multiplayer extension packs, you can enjoy creating and playing with others to the tune of this modern classic.

Have you ever wanted to play the guitar but you never had the discipline to sit down and work with traditional lessons? Rocksmith might be your answer. This immersive game connects to any guitar or bass and even allows you to learn your own arrangements on guitar via their mobile app.

Beat the Game truly bridges the gap between music and gaming following the heroic music producer Mistik. To complete his quest, Mistik must collect samples across the universe to create the ultimate track.

Enjoy building your own musical compositions through this game’s surreal world and characters.

Rockband’s legendary creators went on to create Audica, a VR rhythm shooter game that helps you take on the antagonists of the galaxy through pulsing beats. Enjoy Audica sound packs including tracks from major artists like Ariana Grande and Post Malone.

Our Seasons series is designed to pass on the playing experience from producer to fan. These custom interactive experiences provided by Controlla to artists allow fans and video game lovers to immerse themselves in great music.

The Season One drop is a mobile augmented reality game where sounds are actively controlled and remixed based on how the player navigates the flying rocket. At the end of the experience, fans can listen back to their remix, share their creation, and participate in a community of engaged music fans.

The merger of the music and gaming industries will bring more experiences to fans and direct monetization to creators. Have fun supporting your favorite artists and developers through these awesome games for music lovers!

At Controlla, we’re crafting music technology and interactive experiences to help you connect with your fans as a producer or music creator.

We're launching Season One, allowing artists to transform unreleased songs into interactive games catered to their audiences. They can give it away, sell it to create extra income, or include it as a value-add for top fans. It costs nothing, but space is limited, so act fast and apply for consideration in Season One!

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