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How to make AI Songs in your voice with Suno and Controlla Voice

The "ChatGPT" or "Midjourney" of music is here: Suno AI v3. Type a prompt, get an almost-professional sounding, 2 minute song with full instrumentation and vocals. Let's dive into what you can make with it and how you can transform the songs you create in Suno into your own voice as if you actually sang it.

Disclaimer: Before diving into the questionable world of Suno AI, it's crucial to address an important consideration regarding AI development. We firmly believe in the ethical use of AI technologies, which includes not supporting the training of AI systems on copyrighted data without clear permissions. Although the capabilities of Suno's tool are impressive, the platform's approach to data handling and lack of training transparency raises concerns about the use of copyright materials. For artists and creators exploring new tools, we understand the need for experimentation and trialing new technologies. Nonetheless, we advocate for the development of more ethical frameworks that prioritize high-quality results through the use of licensed, opt-in datasets, ensuring that AI tools do not exploit the creativity and hard work of human creators they depend on.

How to make AI generate a full song from a prompt using Suno

Suno makes it extremely, frighteningly easy to simply input a text prompt describing a genre and topic to generate an entire 2 minute song with instrumentation, lyrics, and vocals. This is my first time trying it so we are embarking on the journey together. Let's try it with typical topic:

"a chill pop song about loving yourself"

Wait a minute, is that Justin Bieber I hear? Sigh.

How to make AI sing your lyrics in a specified style using Suno

Now just typing a prompt isn't very rewarding or true to the self expression real music comes from. And I haven't heard a song from Suno that really moves me the way human-made music does. But you actually have more control than just a prompt. You can give it specific lyrics and a style of music and have it generate a song from your specific message. This feels more authentic to actually telling a story or expressing your emotions through music.

For my inspiration, I recently had a sore throat and I accidentally passed the sickness to my girlfriend before waiting long enough after I recovered. So I wrote these lyrics to generate a song and play it for her: I’m sorry that I got you sick

I didn’t really even think

That just a little kiss

Could end your bliss and emit

Bacteria to get you sick

And I’m sick

Sick about what I did to get you sick

Here's what Suno made (by training on the past work of all musicians):

That was actually pretty cool! My girlfriend was not impressed and definitely still upset though.

Now that you've unlocked the super powers of making music you're probably wondering how to take this to the next level. While we don't advise profiting off this material as it was likely trained on past musicians work without permission, we do see tons of potential in remixing and covering these song ideas to make them your own style of music.

How to make AI sing your lyrics in your voice with Suno and Controlla Voice

To personalize your song even more, you can use the revolutionary voice models we've developed at Controlla Voice to convert the voice of a Suno AI song, or any song recording, into your voice.

You can create your AI singing voice on Controlla with just 10 minute of recordings, even iPhone memos work! Once you've followed the steps to gather vocal recordings and create your voice, you can head over to the Singer To Singer page.

Then simply drag the audio file of the song you made in Suno and check the two boxes for "Remove instruments and backing vocals" and "Remove Reverb". This will attempt to extract the lead vocal from the song and convert it into your voice. Make sure you specify a pitch shift of +12 or -12 if the song is outside your range. Here's what it generated in my voice:

It doesn't sound as good as creating licensed AI covers from Controlla Voice's catalog because the original vocals are not as clean as a human performance. But if you want to generate completely new songs from prompts or lyrics, this is a great option to explore new ideas. You can also use the converted version as a reference to practice singing the song in your own way.

When you are ready to experience full songs as if you sang them, and generate cover songs to expand your reach and multiply streaming revenue, our licensed Cover Songs are written and performed by human creators with human emotion. You can sign up for Controlla Voice and preview licensed AI covers on the Songs page in your voice for free. Real singers, producers, songwriters, and publishers get paid every time you get a full song in your voice so you no longer have to worry about the ethical or legal implications.

Here's a sample of licensed AI cover songs in my voice:

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