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What’s New in Logic Pro?: Logic Pro 10.7. Updates

The new Logic has arrived with plenty of updates to elevate your production workflow. Let’s dive into Apple’s Logic Pro 10.7 latest features and tech updates.

Logic Pro 10.7 Updates

Here’s what Logic users can look forward to in this new update of the software:

Macbook Pro Optimization

Logic is now optimized for use on the Apple silicon chips, which are on the new Macbook Pro models. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a new Mac, say goodbye to overheated production!

Expanded Loop Library

With this update, Apple added 2800 new loops to inspire your projects across a wide span of genres. Logic users will now have access to artist sample kits unveiled in Garageband over the summer including producer packs from Mark Ronson, Tom Misch and TRAKGIRL.

More Virtual Instruments

This update adds 230 instrument and audio patches and 50 vintage and modern drum kits, including a collection of 808 samples.

Spatial Audio and 3D Mixing

The arguably most important update unveiled with Logic 10.7 is the spatial audio mixing suite. Logic now allows you to export tracks as Dolby Atmos files compatible with Apple Music for a 3D listening experience.

13 stock Logic plugins have been expanded to support spatial audio mixing including phaser, limiter, tremolo, and space designer. Notably, the 3D Object Panner allows you to position sounds visually while mixing using the integrated Dolby Atmos renderer.

Controlla’s perfectly positioned for this update, allowing you to automate multiple parameters at once through 3D space: With the Dolby updates and Controlla, you’ll be able to produce and mix seamless 3D music in real time.

Other Goodies

The new update also comes with the original multitrack file of Lil Nas X’s Montero (Call Me by Your Name). The step sequencer can also manage live recording melodic drum pattern editing with the update. Users can also expect a few updates to the user interface due to the addition of the spatial audio capabilities.

These new features are now available for existing Logic users. Mac users can purchase Logic for $199. Have fun producing and mixing in 3D!


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