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Why Every Producer Needs To Start Making Remixes

Far too many producers miss out on the magic of making remixes. Even if you're focused primarily on original work, making your own mashups or remixes of your favorite songs is a great use of your time.

Below, we'll dive into why every beatmaker needs to make remixes for their skill-building, networking, and fan-finding potential.

6 Reasons Why You Need To Start Making Remixes

Have you always wanted to make remixes but never felt motivated enough to give it a shot? Here are 6 inspiring reasons why you’ll want to get started ASAP.

1. Derivative Works Are More Possible Than Ever

It’s easy to lose perspective on just how much platforms like TikTok have changed the music industry for the better. Musicians are now free to share their skills publicly created public flips of songs that might’ve been struck down only a couple of years prior.

We live in an age where derivative works aren’t just possible; they’re encouraged. At Controlla, we’re developing more ways for artists to enjoy remixing and interacting with music in new ways. Sign up for our newsletter to stay posted.

2. Unofficial Remixes Lay The Foundation For Official Remixes

The best way to get the attention of an artist you admire? Make the first move by making an unofficial remix. This will show the artist that you’re serious about making a remix, and it makes it a lot easier for them to give you to go-ahead if they end up liking what you’ve created.

It also shows artists in your network that you’re capable of making a quality remix and showcases your remix production style. Remember, even “unofficial” creations are a part of your portfolio and persona as an artist.

3. Remixes Have Major Viral Potential

Remixes are akin to taking something people are already familiar with and love and putting your own spin on it. It’s no wonder that some of the top songs on TikTok end up being original, unofficial remixes or mashups of songs.

Hearing bits and pieces of familiar audio might be just enough to draw in listeners who haven’t heard of you. Even remixing older songs can be fruitful – you’re pulling on that coveted nostalgia factor that when done properly, produces a highly sharable piece of art.

4. Remixes Build Your Skillset Without Depleting Your Creative Assets

In order to become a respected producer, you need to practice beat building on a regular basis. However, this can be intimidating, especially if you're constantly generating new ideas from scratch. Remixes allow you to test out different styles and hone your skills without requiring as much heavy lifting.

5. Remixes Allow You To Target Your Preferred Audience

When you remix a song, you're targeting your music to the derivative work's fanbase. This is incredibly valuable and provides for plenty of cross promotion opportunities.

DSPs have opened up the door for effective cross promotion via remixes, too. When you have an official remix with another artist, the remix will live on the derivative artist's profile as well as your own for maximum amplification.

6. Remixes Can Break Artists

Remixes can serve as paths for listeners to find your original music. They can even break artists that might otherwise go under the radar. For instance, artists Kygo and Robin Schulz emerged on the mainstream music scene largely due to their popular remix tracks.

How Do I Craft An Official Remix?

Crafting unofficial remixes for platforms like SoundCloud and TikTok can be an excellent way to get your name out there and boost your production chops, but how does one go about releasing an official remix? Here are the three methods that can help you land an official remix opportunity:

1. Shoot your shot on social media. Creating an unofficial remix can help you earn official one. Whether you’re duetting another artists on TikTok or simply staying engaged with an artists content, find opportunities to make yourself more visible to artists you want to work with. Once you post your unofficial remix, they won’t be completely oblivious to you and your brand which could lead them to consider releasing the remix professionally.

2. Reach out to the artist directly. Much like the process of clearing samples, releasing an official remix requires you to reach out to the official artist and their team. When pitching for a remix opportunity, be sure to include links to your past works, especially any remixes that you predict will be set in a similar style as what they’re going for.

3. Participate in remix contests. Oftentimes, communities on Discord or on sites like Splice participate in remix contests. These contests are hosted directly by the artist, and producers are given song stems. The community votes on the best submission or the artist picks his or her favorite track, leading to an official track. Even if you don’t score the official remix, these contests are amazing learning and networking opportunities.

Crafting remixes is one of the best ways to organically grow your audience in 2022. Have fun reworking other artist’s work!

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