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Introducing Season One: Transforming Your Songs Into Interactive Games

Updated: May 26, 2022

Music is passive. We’re changing that. At Controlla, we’re happy to introduce Seasons, our series of interactive experiences that are designed to transform songs into immersive games for fans.

We’re on the precipice of the Season One release, providing Controlla’s first set of artists the tools they need to convert passive listeners into active participants in their music. We’ll share everything you need to know about Season One and what’s to come below.

What Is Season One?

Season One is the first of many interactive song experiences provided by Controlla to artists. This release is a mobile augmented reality game, where fans can control your unreleased song by flying a rocket and avoiding asteroids. Steering the rocket simultaneously controls different effects of your choice, creating a remix as your fans play. It's the first of Controlla's many ongoing collaborations with artists.

Once they finish the song experience, fans can listen back to their remix, share their creation, and participate in a community of engaged music fans. Fans can also be funneled to your website or to buy merch or NFTs directly from the interactive experience.

How Does Season One Work?

Season One is free for artists. If you’re selected to take part in Season One, our team will work with you to build out a mobile AR game centered around your song. We'll help you tailor visual game elements to fit within your sonic world. You can choose which effects fans will manipulate while playing the game, and designate where to send your fans after the song ends.

The immersive games can be played on any mobile device and can be free for your fans to access, share, and enjoy. Alternatively, you can sell the experiences, include them in bundles or NFTs, or use them as rewards for top fans. You can customize the effect limits too, to help your fans craft a remix they're proud of:

Why Should Musicians Apply To Season One?

So, why should you consider releasing a song via Season One? Here are a few key reasons why our interactive games provide value for artists and fans:

  • Convert Passive Listeners To Players: Your top fans want to engage in metaverse and video game experiences that extend the world of your music – pressing play isn’t enough on its own. Season One gives artists at any stage of their career access to customizable experiences for fans. Your top fans need more avenues to interact with your music, and Season One provides a solution without relying on tedious upkeep.

  • Growth Through Derivative Works: Players of your interactive game are actively remixing your music, and have the opportunity to share their creations via social media. This can lead to exponential growth for your music and draw in listeners that might not engage with your music otherwise by building visibility.

  • Monetization: Music is severely under-monetized, especially for artists. We are building new formats of interactive music so that creators can earn more money doing what they love. Seasons are designed to help musicians bring in more direct value from their most engaged fans.

  • Creative Fan Funneling: Our interactive games funnel your fans to your site, NFTs, and engaged music communities directly after they’ve had a blast interacting with your art. Context matters and our games are designed to bring your fans value while serving as a bridge to other essential platforms to support your artistry.

How To Get Started With Season One

To get started with Season One, simply send in an application to our team. Season One is completely free for a limited time with zero upfront or hidden costs. If selected, our team will help onboard your unreleased music and work with you to ensure your interactive music experience is a success.

In future versions, artists will be able to customize and swap out visual aspects of their game, such as the rocket and asteroids. Controlla’s Seasons will build infrastructure for artists to profit directly from their art and add game mechanisms to fit interactive experiences within your unique brand as a musician. Our mission is to help more people earn a fair living making music, so we won’t earn income unless you do, too.

Ready to get started? Apply for Season One below:

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