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How To Use Web3 To Connect With Your Fans

The new age of the internet is here, and so is more ownership for artists. Web3 is ushering in a whole wave of full-time artists, making it easier than ever for musicians to connect directly with their audiences.

But how do you get started as an artist within this new space? And what types of Web3 verticals make the most sense for your fans? Below, we’ll detail why Web3 is so exciting for emerging and existing musicians and share a couple of W3 opportunities for artists.

Why Is Web3 So Pivotal For The Music Industry?

Web3 is a fancy way of describing the shift of power from companies to individuals on the internet. It thrives in a democratized space, where web users can create and curate the content they want to consume with or without assigning a central authority.

This shift will certainly affect all aspects of the creator economy, but the potential shifts in the archaic music industry business model will shift power into the hands of artists. The Metaverse opens doors to new monetization methods, allowing art to be valued and supported without the need for industry middlemen.

Musicians still need to work on their craft to cultivate a dedicated community, but barring that, any creator can feasibly turn music into a sustainable craft. Web3 also allows artists more direct access to their fans, making community and world-building a lot easier, since artistic ideas can come straight from the source.

7 Ways To Use Web3 To Connect With Your Fans

Using Web3 to build your audience is different for every artist. Here are a couple of ways musicians are already using this age of internet to connect with their fanbases.

1. Music NFTs

One of the most accessible ways to immerse your audience in the world of Web3 is to mint music or NFTs. While music NFTs have their own sets of pros and cons, they can be used in a sustainable way to monetize your art and community.

Whether you’re minting a track, rallying your fans under a common cause, or simply using NFTs to drum up financial support for your next album, NFTs are accessible to newcomers and enthusiasts of Web3 communities.

NFTs can also help artists get a sense of who their most dedicated fans are, which can serve as an access point to gated communities like Discord. This can help strengthen the fan to artist bond and empower artists to learn valuable lessons regarding what makes a fan dedicated to their art.

2. Crafting Social Tokens

For the crypto curious, social tokens present an amazing opportunity to rally your audience together and have fans directly back your work. Artists who create social tokens automatically build a unique social badge, which can help bring dedicated fans together. These tokens can also be redeemed for a say in an artist’s process, transforming music-making into a virtual bonding experience.

3. Immerse Yourself in A DAO

Music decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs, are niche online communities designed to operate without a central authority. We are just starting to see the possibilities with Music DAOs, with these communities spawning into the backbone of the new music business as fully functioning labels or collectives designed to support artists.

4. Attracting New Communities

With the embrace of Web3 tools, the music industry is actively positioning itself to find new ears within the crypto and gaming communities. Music discoverability has new verticals via DAOs, tokens, NFTs, and the Metaverse that previously haven’t existed.

Web3 is also reframing how we interact and interpret archaic music copyright laws by decentralizing a sense of ownership. It’s no coincidence that internet culture has transitioned to embrace derivative works pushing forth a more communal, collective attitude to music.

5. The Allure of Anominity

Web3 is creating a new class of exclusively virtual artists. With digital avatars and web-based monetization tools more accessible than ever, artists can retain their privacy while still cultivating a career through music. While it’s true that more artists are becoming more visible due to the power of TikTok and other social media platforms, Web3 tools present alternative options for artists who would rather differ the face of their art.

6. Music In The Metaverse

The Metaverse is the future of fan clubs. These spaces allow artists to interact in a more immersive way with fans, strengthening their community. Artists can provide global, interactive performances for their fans without having to shell out the costs associated with touring. Even when the artist is offline, their Metaverse members can continue to interact and foster a connection.

7. Democratized Production Tools

Web3 is also making it easier for musicians and aspiring musicians to access and create their own production tools. Whether it’s using a virtual voice or crafting a remix game for fans, Web3 tools create a leveled playing field, inviting more passive listeners to become playing producers.

Hence, Web3 has created one of the most exciting times in music history as we know it. We’re looking forward to supporting an emerging generation of creators and musicians.

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